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2020 T BALL
by posted 06/30/2020

Hello TBall families,

Our first sheduled "practice" will take place Tuesday 6.30.20 at 5:30pm at South River School. This will be a 2-3 inning game and take about an hour.

Please arrive no later than 5:15 so we can hand out jerseys.

This year is a little different so there are a few things we must try to keep in mind. Most important is everyone's safety. There will be some forms of social distancing required for us to get back on the field. Parents must be somewhat spread out down the length of each baseline (6ft apart). We also want each player to bring their own chair (beach chair/pop-up chair) or a towel or blanket to sit on. This will give them each their own space when they go to the sidelines to keep their glove/hat/equipment/water/whatever they need. We'll keep these chairs 6' apart.

Players are also expected to have their own gloves, bats, and helmets to avoid sharing equipment. Any questions or issues on this please let me know - we may be able to come up with a couple helmets and bats to lend out for anyone who doesnt have equipment. Any shared bats/helmets will be sanitized between uses. Also, please make sure your child's name is on all of their equipment, water bottles, hats, etc. this will help avoid any confusion/inadvertant sharing.

I am really excited to get back out there with the kids and will do my best to keep an appropriate distance from the kids while making sure they're learning proper fundamentals and most importantly having fun!  

If anyone has any concerns regarding safety precautions or anything else please feel free to reach out to me at any time.


Josh Ethier



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