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Alternative to Summer ball
by posted 06/16/2022

This summer in an effort to continue the fun of baseball, MYBL will be coordinating a Summer "Pick Up" style league during July and August (for no additional cost).  We'll be able to leverage the fields and baseball equipment and balls from the Spring.  Based on interest, games are expected to begin the week of July 11th.  I'm hoping we'll be able to get 3 teams (more would be great), which will allow around 6 games.  The rules will be adjusted to coaches pitch with some later inning kid pitch in an effort to maximize the ball in play and further develop those kids that are not ready/interested in a travel league this summer, but want to continue to play the game.  The focus will be on having fun, maximizing the amount of action in the field, and building kids confidence and love for the game.

Please register here by June 17th if you are interested in continuing.
This opportunity is only open to children who played in the Spring League.  And, for this to be successful, we will need parents to volunteer to coach as well  - planning/hoping to have 2 coaches per team (there is no expectation that the current coaches will be coaching this summer).   Teams will be determined by July 1st with games starting the week of July 11th.  I'm targeting 1 game per week and was planning on Tuesday or Thursday nights.   There will be flexibility on moving games around for coaches as the school fields are easier to come by in the Summer.
Looking forward to continue to keep baseball going throughout the Summer!

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Playoff game Friday night
by posted 06/15/2022

Just a friendly reminder that our first playoff game is this friday at Rec 1 at 530. Please arrive 15 mins early for warm-up and let me know if your kiddo can't make it by texting me directly


Thanks so much and looking forward to Friday's game!


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