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May 30th - Memorial Day Red Sox MYBL tour and game

Hello all.

Good news. The Marshfield Youth Baseball, 2nd grade AAA league and their guests have a visit to Fenway to see the Red Sox play the Orioles. May 30th….Memorial Day. The 2nd grade Marshfield Youth Baseball kiddos and their guests are all invited. All teams are invited.
4pm – We will all assemble near gate D to enter and to begin the batting practice tour
4:30pm-5:30pm – Batting Practice tour with on-field access
5:30pm-7pm – finish up batting practice from center field/right field and hang out near the bullpens
7:10pm – Red Sox first pitch and a W!
4pm batting practice and tour - $50 per person. This will be a lot of fun and we will see a bunch of the kiddos perhaps get a ball!
7:10pm, vs the Orioles - $22 per person - Right Field Bleachers for the Orioles vs Sox game. We can do whatever from there….school the next day of course but that gives us plenty of time to enjoy the game and perhaps head out a bit early (or stay until the game is over, for those that care to do so).
Total cost - $50 private tour + $22 bleacher seat ticket = $72 per person
*Plus processing fees since the in form payment (Stripe) is going to make it possible to keep everything organized. Thank you for using the form. I will then have what I need to transfer tickets and know who is going from which team, and how many people are going, etc. Thank you computers.
If someone does not want to attend the tour, feel free to come for the game, which would still be $22. The form below allows you to indicate either the game and tour or just the game…or even just the tour. Whatever works. The more the merrier of course for the Marshfield Youth Baseball kiddos.
Please click the link below and fill the form if you are interested in attending. We need to get the Red Sox a headcount so they can reserve the proper seats for the group. We also will hope to get a call out on the big board for Marshfield Youth Baseball. Fun. There form at the link below gathers up all the information that is needed and also is used to collect payment. We are using Stripe for processing payments. Your card statement will say “Joseph Capone”. I will then purchase the tickets from the Red Sox and will transfer tickets to each registered email, per the ticket count needed.
Feel free to email me at   if you have any questions. The form has a general comments field as well so feel free to add whatever can help us all. I am away in Florida with the family until Wednesday. I will do my best to reply…..keep in mind the form should tackle everything we need and then we can huddle up on the details as a team and/or league.
On we go. Go Sox!
Be well. 
Joe Capone
Leo”s Dad, team #6

by posted 05/16/2022
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